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Age Manager Training Online Course

Age Manager Training Online Course

The Little Athletics NSW Age Manager Training Course is designed for people who want to get better at helping kids participate in Little Athletics events at a grassroots level.

It will equip you with some of the key skills and knowledge needed to successfully carry out an age manager role or an age group leader role at your Little Athletics centre.

By the end of the course, you will have learned about:

  • Basic event set-up and safety
  • Centre-level rules & officiating
  • Helping kids learn basic athletics skills

The training is great for age managers and potential age managers of U6-U17 age groups, parent helpers, school teachers, and others who want to learn about the basics of the Little Athletics events.

The course is presented as seven short videos that are best watched in the order in which they are displayed. When you click on a video, you will be taken to to view the video. You do not need to sign in or have an account to access the videos.

Unit 1: Introduction

Duration: Approx. 8 mins

Unit 2: Shot Put

Duration: Approx. 19 mins

Unit 3: Discus

Duration: Approx. 13 mins

Unit 4: Javelin

Duration: Approx. 11 mins

Unit 5: Long & Triple Jump

Duration: Approx. 20 mins

Unit 6: High Jump

Duration: Approx. 17 mins

Unit 7: Track Events

Duration: Approx. 10 mins

Course Manual

To access the Age Manager Training Course Participant Manual CLICK HERE.

More Information

For more information, contact Darren Wensor, Head of Coach & Volunteer Development, on Ph. 02 9633 4511 (Ext 108) mob. 0417 686 257 or via email