Be a Santa for Sick Kids this Christmas

Christmas is the season of joy, of gift-giving, and of families united.

For the seriously ill and injured kids staying at Ronald McDonald House over Christmas, the reality of their treatment and diagnosis will continue.

When it comes to presents, the best gift is having their families close as they battle childhood diseases, illnesses and injuries.

That’s why we at Little Athletics NSW have a goal to raise 100 nights of support for families with a seriously ill or injured child staying at Ronald McDonald House.

How? It’s easy for your Centre to get involved!

  1. Host a Christmas-themed fundraising round in December. Reach out to the team at RMHC GWS for some stripey socks to sell!
  2. Make a donation online and help build our LANSW Christmas Tree
  3. Share our LANSW page with your network and ask for their support

I understand that in previous years Centres had held designated rounds for RMHC GWS however with the delayed start of this season we decided to pull our resources and raise funds under the LANSW banner. However your Centre is interested in setting up their own page holding a fundraising round, or want to get in touch about selling socks, reach out to Monica on 02 9806 7129 or email Centres can also hold a fundraising round and make a donation to the LANSW page.

Together, our amazing group of Santa’s can give kids the best gift of all, having their families by their side this Christmas.