Classification is a way of grouping athletes of a similar impairment or disability for the purpose of competition. Classification exists to try and create a “fair” competition amongst athletes of different disabilities.

Classification is only required by those Little Athletes wanting to compete at a championship level. It is not required to participate at a centre level.

For all information about classification, visit the Athletics Australia website. The information portal is for anyone with questions about classification & people wanting to be classified. Here you will also find the Classification Masterlist. This masterlist shows all athletes who have been classified to compete at a Region, State & a National level of competition.

Classification Guidelines for Multi-Class Athletes 

Athletics Australia Classification Information Sheet

Upcoming Classification Days in NSW (physical impairment only)

Event: NSW All School
Date: Friday, 27 September 2019
Location: Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre
Times: 8.30am – 3.50pm (40min timeslots per athlete)

CLICK HERE to register…