Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 (2)

Little Athletics NSW understands the COVID-19 pandemic has created extreme uncertainty for our Centres, members and volunteers. Little Athletics NSW will attempt to provide relevant information for all involved to assist in an unpredictable situation.

Little Athletics NSW is working closely with the Office of Sport and other relevant government organisations to obtain the most up-to-date advice in regards to health and community sport. We have established this page to provide all members with regular updates and advice as we receive this. 

If you have any specific questions in regards to this please do not hesitate to contact the Little Athletics NSW office at or (02) 9633 4511

We thank you all for your understanding and patience during these times. 

Latest Updates

8th October 2021

Yesterday the NSW Government made announcements to change the 70% roadmap with the below released as part of their statement:
NSW will take its first steps towards reopening as the State passes the 70% double vaccination target.
With the first vaccination milestone being reached, the NSW Government is also easing a number of restrictions as part of the Reopening NSW roadmap, which will allow fully vaccinated adults (16+) to enjoy more freedoms from next Monday, October 11.
The changes to the 70% roadmap will allow up to 10 visitors (not counting children 12 and under) to a home (previously five), lift the cap on outdoor gatherings to 30 people (previously 20), and increase the cap for weddings and funerals to 100 people (previously 50).

CLICK HERE for full release.

The NSW Government has now published the Public Health Order and accompanying Amendment to the Public Health Order which outlines restrictions in place from Monday, 11 October 2021 – the first Monday after the state reaches the 70 per cent double vaccination milestone.
Little Athletics NSW has been in contact with the Office of Sport and Sport NSW over the past two days to confirm if there would be any increase to training numbers for community sport to align with the increase in the cap for outdoor gatherings.

We can now confirm:
Sport training, exercise and recreation activities may occur outdoors, in compliance with the following;
a) The occupier of an outdoor premises must ensure the number of persons does not exceed more than 1 person per 2 square metres of space.
b) A person must not participate in an outdoor public gathering for sport or exercise at which there are more than 20 people. (Note: There has been no amendment to this clause – it has NOT increased to 30 persons).
This number includes participants, coaches, support staff and spectators/parents. Organisations are expected to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.
We do remind all Centres:
• The 20 person limit is inclusive of all attendees including participants, coaches, support staff and spectators/parents.
• The 20 person limit includes all children and adults. No group can exceed the total of 20.
• Only training is permitted at this point in time.
• For participants to be covered by insurance they must be registered with your Little Athletics Centre.
• Attending training is only allowed for those are double vaccinated if aged 16+ (unless they have a valid medical exemption – medical certificate required)


The Little Athletics NSW Board understands that many Centres will require additional assistance during this time and have created a Hardship Fund to support Little Athletics Centres across NSW who are in need, whether it be a result of COVID, fires, floods, smoke and other challenges in recent seasons.

Centres who do find themselves in hardship can apply for support of up to $1,500 to assist with ongoing costs associated with running your Centre.

More information, the criteria, application form and the available pool of funds can be found HERE.

6th October 2021

Following the announcement from the NSW Government that community sport would be permitted once the state reaches the level of 80% of the eligible adult population (16+) being fully vaccinated against COVID, Little Athletics NSW continues to prepare for the return of Centre competitions.

CLICK HERE for the latest Road Map from the NSW Government.

In addition to this, we have also received advice from the Office of Sport regarding what will be allowed from the Monday after the 70% of the eligible adult population (16+) being fully vaccinated.

Following consultation with NSW Health, the Office of Sport can provide the initial advice below to support the sport and recreation sector as it prepares to recommence activities for those that are fully vaccinated (16+).

Maximum number of persons — outdoor sport or exercise

  • Clause 2.13 of the Public Health Order states that people can undertake sport and exercise at outdoor public gatherings in groups of up to 20. This figure includes participants, coaches and support staff and spectators/parents.
  • This will enable community sport training activities that are compliant with the Public Health Order to take place.
  • Organisations are expected to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.

Unfortunately, the level of detail in relation to community sports still doesn’t allow us to answer many of your questions however this does provide some additional clarity and the option to return to training in small groups for those 16+ who are vaccinated and those under 16.

What we still don’t have clear information regarding is whether there will be capped numbers, if there are any specific requirements which will need to be added to your COVID Safety Plans, and how vaccination status of participants, volunteers and spectators will be checked, recorded and monitored by volunteer committees and organisers.

In terms of advice regarding proof of vaccinations the below link may be of assistance:

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination advice for businesses | NSW Government

Please note:

  • Training in groups of up to 20 individuals is for “organised training” only and does not allow competitions to commence in small groups.
  • For participants to be covered by insurance they must be registered with your Little Athletics Centre.
  • For council managed venues we suggest individual Centres ensure they don’t have restrictions in place that would not allow training to take place.

27th September 2021

The NSW Government announced this morning community sport will recommence when the 80 per cent double vaccination target has been met.

From the Monday after NSW hits the 80 per cent (aged 16 and over) double dose vaccination target, eased restrictions will allow those who are fully vaccinated to have up to 10 people visit their home, participate in community sport, and access hospitality venues (where drinking while standing up will be allowed indoors). All premises will operate at 1 person per 4sqm indoors, and 1 person per 2sqm outdoors.

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16 September 2021

Whilst there is limited information from the NSW Government regarding the return for community sport and what the path looks like, we remain positive and optimistic regarding the upcoming season and expect more information to be available soon.

Upon seeking clarification, Sport NSW has advised that at this point in time no organised community sport can take place in any area of NSW in terms of training or competitions, even in small groups, and we ask our members to comply with this directive.

A Road Map for what freedoms there may be when certain vaccination rates are achieved was released last week stating, “When NSW hits the 80 per cent double dose target, the government intends to open up further freedoms around international travel, community sport, major events and other areas.” With 80% on target and currently forecasted to be achieved by mid-November this gives us an indication that we will be able to commence our weekly competitions later in the year.