FREE Online Courses

FREE Online Courses

Community Coaching General Principles course

The Community Coaching General Principles (CCGP) course has been developed to assist coaches to learn the basic skills of coaching, particularly those coaches working with children.

All participants are required to complete this course prior to attending the Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course. 

About the course

The course contains four modules, covering a range of general coaching topics including; the role and responsibilities expected of a coach, planning, safety, working with parents, communication, group management and inclusive coaching practices. It takes approximately four hours to complete, and there is assessment included at the end of each module.

The course is free of charge to Australian coaches.

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Inclusive Coaching Online Course

This free online interactive course is aimed at community coaches. The course contains five modules:

The modules are:

  • Introduction to inclusive coaching
  • Inclusion, diversity and discrimination
  • Understanding the individual
  • Modifying your coaching practice
  • Conclusion

The course is short, user-friendly and feature the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The modules may be done in part, or all at once. Users who successfully finish all modules and their assessment quizzes can print a certificate of completion.

At the end of this course you will:

  • have a base understanding of what inclusion and diversity means for your sport;
  • have a base understanding of what discrimination means under the law, and
  • be able to apply a framework to modify and adapt sports to suit individual needs.

For more information and to enrol click HERE.