How to Register

You can register for your local little Athletics Centre from August 1st!

When you have registered and paid online you will still need to attend a registration day to pick up your registration kit including age patch and competition number, and if it is your child’s first registration or they have had a season off, you will also need to produce proof of age (birth certificate, passport or blue book).

To find out details of centre registration days, please contact your centre.

Click HERE to register online now.

Payment can be made by debit, credit cards or PAYPAL.

Remember our season is from September 2019 to March 2020.


Active Kids Vouchers

The NSW Government Active Kids Program aims to get more kids active by providing every school-enrolled child in NSW with two $100 vouchers, to be used to help cover the cost of registration in sport.

Active Kids Vouchers can be used towards registration at any Little Athletics NSW centre.

If you have not already obtained the 2019 Active Kids Vouchers for your child and wish to use one of them for Little Athletics registration, you will first need to apply for the voucher here, before beginning the registration process.

Once you have a voucher, you simply enter the specific voucher number allocated to the child that you are registering, into the appropriate box within the registration portal, and the registration fee payable will be reduced accordingly.


Age Group Calculation Table

To find out which age group your child will be in, download the Little Athletics NSW Age Group Calculation Table.

If your child was born in 2017 or later, they are unfortunately too young for Little Athletics. Make sure that you check back with us in the year that they turn 3 years of age.

If your child was born before 2003, they are too old for Little Athletics, and you need to contact Athletics NSW on 9746 1122 to get them involved.


Dual Registration

Dual registration arrangements between Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW will again be in place for athletes in the U12 to U17 age groups. This means that everyone in these age groups registers through the Little Athletics NSW portal, and in doing so, automatically becomes both a Little Athletics NSW member and an Athletics NSW member. In other words, they register only once for an ‘athletics membership’ which covers both arms of our sport.

Through dual registration, a member can participate in the relevant events and activities of both organisations, allowing them to experience the broader world of athletics, while still retaining their links with Little Athletics.

As part of the dual registration process, athletes will be asked to select the Athletics NSW club that they wish to join (from a dropdown list). If anyone needs help determining which Athletics NSW club to choose, they can click here and view a full club listing. Alternatively, if they are still unsure, they can choose not to select any club from the list and allow Athletics NSW to allocate a club for them (this would generally be the club closest to home, or to their Little Athletics NSW centre.

Once registered, participants in the U12 to U17 age groups will receive a ‘OneSport’ registration number/bib that they will wear when competing at both Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW events.

Download a list of the Little Athletics NSW centres that have a relationship with an Athletics NSW club and those that are a OneSport Club, meaning they are a combined Little Athletics NSW/Little Athletics NSW club, catering from Tiny Tots to Masters!

A document containing a number of frequently asked questions about dual registration can be downloaded here.

If you have any Athletics NSW related dual membership questions, please contact Emily Kass via