Regional Championships

The Regional Championships are held by the end of February each year. Athletes in the age groups U8 through to U17 are eligible for this event. U8 athletes do not progress past the region championships.

To check to if your Region is posting live results, please click HERE.

NB. Once information is available, all Region venues and dates will be at the bottom of this page.  When region programs (list of events) have been received by the relevant Region Coordinator, they will also be posted below.  As the zone championships databases are received, the region qualifiers will be determined and listed below.

MULTI-CLASS ATHLETES – Please click HERE for information regarding direct entry into Regional Championships and progression to State Championships. Multi-class is for athletes in the U9-U17 age groups.


The first two (2) places ** at each of the eight regions will automatically progress to state (see exception below)**.

Little Athletics NSW then selects the next best eight clear final performances across all regions.  Making a total of up to 24 athletes in each event at the State Championships.

** The exception to the auto qualifiers automatically progressing is if athletes fail to meet the the qualifying marks for the 1500m Walk, 3000m or High Jump (as per Rules of Competition, Section D).


All Region Coordinators will be given a listing of events per day for State Track & Field.  They have the option of having a 2 day or 3 day program.  Once they have forwarded their list of events to the office for approval, it will be hyperlinked below.

After the completion of ALL zones, zone coordinators will submit their zone databases to the office. After the progressions to each region has been completed, the qualifiers to the various regions will be posted below. These will be in 2 formats, by centre and by event. Please ensure that you check these documents.  Note 1: Do not take notice of the event numbers in these listings, as they are computer generated.  You MUST only check the event and athlete names.   Note 2:  Relay teams will be added by the region computer operator.  Note 3:  This season, Multi class athletes must enter directly to Region, if they wish to progress to the State Track & Field Championships.  All multi class athletes will be added to the region databases.

  • REGION 1 

R1 qualifiers by Centre
R1 qualifiers by Event


  • REGION 2

R2 qualifiers by Centre
R2 qualifiers by Event


  • REGION 3


R3 qualifiers by Centre
R3 qualifiers by Event


  • REGION 4          

R4 qualifiers by Centre
R4 qualifiers by Event


  • REGION 5          

R5 qualifiers by Centre
R5 qualifiers by Event


  • REGION 6 

R6 qualifiers by Centre
R6 qualifiers by Event


  • REGION 7          

R7 qualifiers by Centre
R7 qualifiers by Event 


  • REGION 8          

R8 qualifiers by Centre
R8 qualifiers by Event