State Cross Country & Road Walks Championships




Sunday, 31 July 2022

CROSS COUNTRY – Starting at 9am

  • U7 Boys 1km                                                         followed by     U7 Girls 1km
  • U8 Boys 1km                                                         followed by     U8 Girls 1km
  • U9 Boys 1.5km +MC U9/U10 1.5km      followed by     U9 Girls 1.5km +MC U9/U10 1.5km
  • U10 Boys 1.5km                                                   followed by     U10 Girls 1.5km
  • U11 Boys 2km +MC U11/U12 2km         followed by     U11 Girls 2km +MC U11/U12 2km
  • U12 Boys 2km                                                      followed by     U12 Girls 2km
  • U13 Boys 3km +MC U13/U14 3km        followed by     U13 Girls 3km +MC U13/U14 3km
  • U14 Boys 3km                                                      followed by     U14 Girls 3km
  • U15 Boys 3km +MC U15/U17 3km         followed by     U15 Girls 3km +MC U15/U17 3km
  • U17 Boys 4km                                                       followed by     U17 Girls 4km

         followed by

ROAD WALKS – Starting at 1pm

  • U9 Boys 1.2km           followed by    U9 Girls 1.2km
  • U10 Boys 1.2km         followed by    U10 Girls 1.2km
  • U11 Boys 1.5km         followed by     U11 Girls 1.5km
  • U12 Boys 1.5km         followed by    U12 Girls 1.5km
  • U13 Boys 2km            followed by     U13 Girls 2km
  • U14 Boys 2km            followed by     U14 Girls 2km
  • U15 Boys 3km            followed by     U15 Girls 3km
  • U17 Boys 3km            followed by     U17 Girls 3km

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  • $25 per entry & is direct entry ($10 overall discount for athletes doing both Cross Country & Road Walk)


  • Tuesday, 26 July 2022


  • Multi-Class athletes require a minimum of provisional classification.
  • Multi-Class events will be combined into the following age groups U9/U10, U11/U12, U13/U14 & U15/U17. U7 & U8 are ineligible due to classification limitations therefore will compete with able bodied.


  • Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd placegetters, individual and teams.
  • Teams – each centre may have as many competitors per event as they wish. First three (3) per centre makes up a team.  One (1) team per centre per event.
  • LANSW Regional Centres (R1-R4) can combine a team if the Centres are from the same region. Centre representatives must fill out a team form on the day, prior to the start of the race.
  • At the conclusion of a race, the Judges shall decide the respective places of the scoring competitors of each competing team, add these together and the team having the lowest aggregate shall be declared the winners. In the event of a tie, then the tie shall stand.


  • All athletes must be full members of LANSW in the 2021/22 season.
  • Competitors must compete in their own age group.


  • Full centre uniform must be worn, registration number and age patch in the correct locations.

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