State Relay Championships

The State Relay Championships is the largest event on the LANSW calendar in terms of number of competitors. As the name suggests the championships are comprised entirely of relay events. The State Relays are held in November each year. Junior athletes (U8 to U11) compete on the Saturday and Senior athletes (U12 to U17) compete on the Sunday. This season the championships are being held on the weekend of 16 & 17 November at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre (SOPAC).  Entries are by centre only (NOT TEAM) and will close at the LANSW office on Wednesday, 30 October.

Performances in each of the field events are allocated points, based on the LANSW Multi-Event pointscore system. The performances of all athletes in each team are added together to determine final results.

2019 State Relays Information

Relevant Information on the 2019 State Relays will be posted on this page as it comes to hand.  Please ensure you check this page regularly.

Information for centres and competitors  Please read all information and if any queries, contact the office.

Program – No programs will be printed for sale. The program of events will be uploaded the week leading up to the State Relays.

Centre Duty Allocation  – SATURDAY (Junior Day) & SUNDAY (Senior Day) –  Centres are to make sure that they have enough parents to assist where required.

Duty allocation by EVENT AREASaturday (Junior Day) & Sunday (Senior Day).

List of Events – PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THE FIRST FIELD EVENTS OF THE DAY GO STRAIGHT TO EVENT. This is the FINAL list of events with TIMES for both days, which shows the time that athletes must be at the CALL ROOM BY plus start time.

Events will be held on both the Main Track & Warm Up Track on both days.  See relevant maps below

Map of Main Track and Map of Warm Up Track

Age Substitution – This list outlines events/legs where age substitution is NOT permitted.

Jury of Appeal  – As per Rules of Competition, Section A, 1.14 Protests x., the Jury of Appeal will consist of 3 people, taken from the following:

  • Diane Levy (Head of Competition)
  • Carnival Manager
  • Track Referee
  • Field Referee
  • Kerry O’Keefe (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Craig Scott (Board Director)

Merchandise – will be available from Nordic Sport, who will be in VIP 1 (enter via the grandstand).

As mentioned above, entries for the State Relay Championships are by centre only (no individual entries can be accepted). Centres enter their entries on an electronic, excel based, State Relay Entry form, which is emailed to all centres at the beginning of the season.  If athletes are interested in entering the State Relays make they will need to advise their centre well before close of entries each season. Events offered are:

Track Relays
U8 to U17  4 x 100m Boys & Girls

U8 to U17 4 x 100m Mixed (2 boys/2girls)

U8 & U9  4 x 200m Mixed (2 boys/2 girls)
U10 to U17 4 x 400m Mixed (2 boys/2 girls)
U8 to U11 4 x Middle Distance  Boys & Girls
U12 to U15 4 x Middle Distance  Boys & Girls

U8-U11 Jnr 4 x 100m Mixed
(at least one member of either gender)
U12-U15 Snr 4 x 100m Mixed
(at least one member of either gender)

Field Relays
(Centres may enter up to 2 teams in each field relay)

U8 to U10 Jumps Relay – Long Jump Boys & Girls
(3 athletes performing long jump per team)
U8 to U10  Throws Relay – Discus/Shot Boys & Girls
(2 athletes performing discus & 1 athlete performing shot put)
U11 to U17 Jumps Relay – Long/High/Triple Boys & Girls
(1 athlete performing each discipline per team)
U11 to U17 Throws Relay – Shot/Discus/Javelin Boys & Girls
(1 athlete performing each discipline per team)

U8-U11 Jnr 4 x Long Jump Mixed
(at least one member of either gender)
U12 -U15 Snr 4 x Long Jump Mixed
(at least one member of either gender)