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Youth Volunteers

Pair up with a friend to help your fellow athletes and siblings at LANSW’s major State events 

All help is welcomed regardless of how many years that you’ve been involved with Athletics. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to help run a field event or assist with the track.


Why Be Involved as a Youth Volunteer? 

  • Help support those people you know who are competing. 
  • Boost your resume through community service via volunteering (can help with job, university, and college applications) 
  • See other athletes in action with the best view in the house. 
  • Feels good to assist others.
  • Can be a pathway to becoming an official at any level from Centre to Olympics 
  • Experience some of the technology that is being used such as Photo Finish Cameras, EDMs (Electronic Distance Measurer) and results software. 
  • Flexibility to pick time and events you are interested in.


Three Easy Steps: 

  1. Find a friend to volunteer with!
  2. Ensure you have your parents’ permission.
  3. Fill out the form below!