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LAPS (Little Athletics Program for Schools) Coach

We are seeking accredited coaches who are interested in coaching in schools as part of the Little Athletics Program for Schools.

LAPS coaching involves conducting practical athletics sessions for classes of school children during school hours. Most LAPS sessions are conducted at primary schools. Payment for LAPS coaching begins at $30 per hour (payment for a minimum of 3 hours).

A typical LAPS coaching session will last between 30-60 minutes and involve a class of up to thirty students. Multiple sessions may be conducted at a school throughout a day. One event is usually coached per session. The events offered to schools include sprints, relays, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus, and sometimes hurdles.

An aspiring LAPS coach can apply to work within the program by completing the LAPS Coach Expression of Interest Form. Additional training and development will be offered according to the needs of each individual coach.

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Workforce Development Team

Help People Develop the Confidence to Contribute in a Role and at a Level to Which They Aspire

Are you:

  • Wanting to inspire others in the Athletics industry?
  • Keen to help develop the sport’s coaching workforce?
  • Committed to your own continuing professional development?

The NSW Athletics Workforce Development Team Program aims to build and maintain a group of passionate and committed individuals who are skilled at contributing to the development of others.

We are seeking passionate coaches and officials with relevant experience to apply to become part of our team that delivers our growing list of professional development workshops throughout NSW.

Presenters are matched with the workshops that most align with their skills, passion and personality and undergo a comprehensive induction for each workshop that they aspire to present.

Opportunities also exist for new workshops to be built around a presenter’s specific skill and interests.


If you feel that you meet the NSW Athletics presenter criteria, please let us know by completing and submitting an Expression of Interest form.

If you are passionate about the prospect of becoming involved, but feel you don’t quite yet meet the criteria, contact us to discuss what you can do about it.

Please note: All prospective presenters must have relevant experience/training in engaging audiences as an educator, presenter, facilitator or public speaker, or be prepared to undertake such experience/training.

All aspiring NSW Athletics presenters will map out an individualised development plan with a lead presenter. Once they have become a member of the team, all presenters enter a process of self-directed and prescribed ongoing professional development.

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Coaches – Click here to apply

Officials – Click here to apply

You are welcome to apply for both!

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