Multi Class (Para)

The mission of Little Athletics NSW and its centres, in respect to equity, is to guarantee all children and adults access to a complete range of participation, training and competition opportunities, whilst also ensuring their effective participation in all aspects of athletics, including the provisions of rewards and incentives, access to coaching and opportunities to officiate at athletics competition and/or play an administrative role in their centre.

Little Athletics NSW recognises seven areas where it is able to promote fairness and equity and these are: –

  • gender
  • athletes with disabilities
  • older adults
  • Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
  • culturally and linguistically diverse people
  • employment status
  • isolated communities


Little Athletics NSW recognises that people with a disability have the same rights to equality as the rest of the community.

People with a disability become involved in sport for exactly the same reasons as their able-bodied peers: –

  • Fun
  • Social contact
  • Fitness
  • Self esteem
  • Increased skills

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Section 28 – Sport) states that it is unlawful to discriminate against another person on the grounds of that person’s disability or a disability of any of that person’s associates by excluding that other person from a sporting activity.

Little Athletics NSW aims to provide an inclusive environment in which barriers to involvement are removed and all people with a disability feel welcome and comfortable to participate. The LANSW will provide the necessary ongoing leadership and direction to achieve this objective.

Little Athletics NSW also believes that it is the responsibility of all affiliated Little Athletics centres to make a reasonable effort to accommodate people with a disability. We will provide relevant advice, support, resources and training to assist in this process. We recognises that such efforts need not place undue or unjustifiable hardship on, or threaten the operational viability of centres.

In order for centres to assess their own practices in relation to athletes with a disability, we have developed a Centre Disability Checklist. (Coming Soon!)

To provide Little Athletics centres with comprehensive and direct practical support for including people with disabilities in their programs, we offer a Disability Education Workshop. (Coming Soon!)


Some of the opportunities offered by Little Athletics NSW and its affiliated centres offer for athletes with a disability to become involved in the sport are: –

At a local level, athletes with a disability can access regular activities at a Little Athletics centre. Often an athlete with a disability will be totally integrated into the existing program without the need for modifications. Sometimes Little Athletics centres will adapt activities (rules, equipment, etc) to allow athletes with a disability to participate. The extent of the modifications will depend on the athlete’s level of impairment or disability. Some athletes may only require minor modifications. Others may require extensive modifications to become involved. Modifications may also be made in view of phasing them out over time.

Region & State Championships
Little Athletics NSW conducts events for athletes with a disability at Region & State Track & Field Championships each year. All events are conducted as multi class events. Competitors compete against a multi class standard time or distance for their disability classification. Placings are determined by the competitor’s time/distance calculated against a percentage of the multi-disability standard for their classification. If you wish to compete at the State Track & Field Championships you must progress through from Region Championships. It is direct entry into Region Championships. Entries will be taken through our office. Further information & a link to direct online registrations will be available soon!