Competition Structure

The 40,000 members of Little Athletics NSW belong to one of approximately 200 Little Athletics centres spread across the state.

These 200 centres are geographically divided into 24 zones (12 metropolitan, 12 country), which are further divided into eight regions (four metropolitan, four country).

40,000 members 
belong to
200 centres 
which are divided into
24 zones 
8 regions

Management Structure

Little Athletics NSW is a company limited by guarantee,  registered under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act). The control of the association is vested in its voluntary Board of Management, comprised of seven directors. The day to day administration of Little Athletics NSW is carried out by paid employees.

The members of the board of management are elected by delegates from each of the affiliated centres, at the Annual General Meeting.

The day to day management of Little Athletics NSW is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, who also fills the role of Little Athletics NSW’s Public Officer.

The Chief Executive Officer is supported by the following personnel: Operations and Administration Manager, Centre Support Manager, Head of Competition, Regional Support & Development Officers (Tamworth, Dubbo & Wagga Wagga), Administrative Assistant ( Registrations & Online Data), Head of Coach & Volunteer Development, Coach & Development (State Team), Schools & Community, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Participation Coordinator, Marketing and Communications Coordinator & Bookkeeper (P/T)