Hey Sport, R U OK?

Little Athletics NSW is working with R U OK?  to support their campaign for grassroots sporting organisations;  ‘Hey Sport, R U OK?’. R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that inspires and empowers people to meaningfully connect with and lend support to those in their world who might be struggling with life’s ups and downs.

‘Hey Sport, R U OK?’ provides practical tools for grassroots sporting communities to build an R U OK? culture where they proactively look out for one another, normalise talking about life’s ups and downs and join together to provide help and support for everyone involved in their sport.

Hey Sport, R U OK? is for all participants, officials, administrators and supporters across Australia’s grassroots sporting community. The campaign is designed to complement and support existing efforts with practical tools to encourage everyone involved to support each other both on and off the field,” said
R U OK? CEO Katherine Newton.


“We are looking forward to working with the Little Athletics NSW community to share the
R U OK? message, providing the resources and understanding on how to have a conversation and ask ‘are you okay?’”


“The chances are we all know someone who is struggling. By asking, “Are you OK?” and having a genuine and meaningful conversation, it can help someone feel supported, long before they are in crisis.”

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