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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Little Athletics?

Children between the ages of 5 and 17 years can register. Select Centres also offer Tiny Tots, a modified athletics program for children as young as 3. Parents, grandparents and friends are also encouraged to get involved by helping with the various events. Click here for the age grid for 2023-2024 season

At what time of year does Little Athletics take place?

Little Athletics is primarily a summer activity, running from September through to March. Some Centres also conduct cross-country and road walk events during the winter months, with a small number of Centres in regional NSW also running in the winter months due to the heat.

Can my child try Little Athletics before joining?

Yes, most Centres allow new families a trial period of up to 2 consecutive weeks.

Where will my child be participating?

Your child will participate at your local Little Athletics Centre. In NSW there are almost two hundred Little Athletics Centres. Each of these Centres conducts weekly activities at local venues. These Centres may compete at different times of the day/week. Click here to find your local Centre.


What is an event?

An event is an activity that a child will participate in within their age groups, e.g. 100m, Long Jump, Discus.


What events are offered?

Events offered at a Centre competition are dependent on the athlete’s age and the Centre program for that week. Some events have age restrictions on them. Click HERE to view the events on offer for each age group.

How much does Little Athletics cost?

Registration fees can vary from one Centre to the next. Generally, fees will range from between $80-$160 per child, for the full season.

Can I use a NSW Active Kids Voucher?

NSW Government Active Kids Vouchers can be used for registration with all Little Athletics NSW Centres. If you have not already obtained the Active Kids Voucher for your child, you will need to apply prior to registration through Service NSW HERE.