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For Age Managers

Handy Resources For Little Athletics Centre Age Managers

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NEW! Age Manager Training Course

The Little Athletics NSW Age Manager Training Course will equip you with some of the key skills and knowledge needed to successfully carry out an age manager role or an age group leader role at your Little Athletics centre.

Little Athletics NSW Education App

Little Athletics NSW has its own App that has been created specifically to inform and support coaches, officials, age managers and others within the Little Athletics workforce.

Little Athletics @Home: “Run Jump & Throw Yourself Into It Activity Session” Video Series

A series of 24 short videos aimed to assist age managers, coaches, little athletes, teachers and parents to help teach and learn the basic fundamental skills of a variety of running, jumping and throwing events in track and field.  All activities are “FUN”damental skills based, and can be done on the playground, backyard, front yard and even inside using modified equipment and in some cases having fun making your own equipment. Use some of these activities on your Little Athletics night as a warm /lead up prior to doing the actual event

To view the entire series from the Little Athletics NSW YouTube channel CLICK HERE

Hints and Tips for Age Managers and Volunteer Helpers – Video Series

A series of videos, based on the LANSW Event Fact Sheets, aimed to assist age managers and volunteer helpers when conducting events at the local centre. You will be shown with some basic coaching, officiating, safety tips and other essential ideas to make your volunteering experience a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Event Fact Sheets

A series of Basic Event Fact Sheets, aimed at providing centre volunteers with the essential knowledge for helping at an event at the local centre.

LANSW “How To…” Videos

Little Athletics NSW is currently developing a series of practical, bite-sized videos that will help coaches, age managers, little athletes, teachers and parents introduce the various Little Athletics events to beginners in a fun, safe and effective way.

Little Athletics Officiating Video Resources

A series of short videos to help you officiate at your local club or centre.

Little Athletics Coaching Video Resources

A series of short videos that outline the basic techniques used in each event.

Introduction to Teaching Little Athletics Skills Course

This is a GREAT course for Little Athletics age managers!

Policies & Guidelines

Little Athletics NSW Policies and Guidelines, many of which are relevant to age managers.