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Officials Courses/Seminars

Officiating Courses / Seminars

Empowering people to contribute with confidence at a level to which they aspire

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Below is a list of some of the officiating courses and workshops available. For further information and to register, click on the relevant link.

Entry Level (Beginner)

Officiating Practical Information Sessions

This entry-level free practical face-to-face session is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and skills to be able to assist with centre, club or zone level activities or simply help their own children.

Free Online Entry-Level Courses

Become an accredited official! Level O and Level 1 online courses available.

Intermediate Level (Level 1-2)

Intermediate Level Seminars

Intermediate level officiating seminars are  designed to develop and update each participant’s officiating skills and knowledge.

Meet Manager Training

Coming soon!

More Information

For more information on officials education and for further details on upcoming courses and seminars, please contact Darren Wensor – Head of Coach & Volunteer Development – Ph. 02 9633 4511 (Ext 108) or email