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Coach Accreditation Framework

The Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework is designed to progressively introduce the coaching skills required to develop athletes from beginner to elite. In this way the coaching pathway mimics the athlete’s pathway. The framework is designed to allow coaches of all levels to master their coaching, be it at the beginner level or the advanced level.

The skills delivered at each level are significant to that level of athlete. For example, those coaching beginner athletes need to know how to coach the basic fundamental skills for that level, without giving them too many complex skills. Mastering the fundamentals is the most important task of a beginner athlete, laying a foundation for further development of technical skills.

Additionally, coaches of school age children would want to be a master of the skills delivered at Level 2. Those who are preparing athletes for State and National Championships would be utilising the skills presented at the Level 2 Advanced and above courses.

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