Basic Event Instruction

Have you ever wanted to help at your Little Athletics centre but not known how?

Has your local centre ever asked for volunteers and you stood back because you didn’t want to make a mistake?

Has your child ever asked for basic event assistance and you didn’t know how to help them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this course is for you!

To do this course you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of Little Athletics; all you need is a willingness to learn. ‘Basic Event Instruction’ is a term used to encompass the essentials you need to know about how to conduct an event at the ‘how not to get disqualified level’. The course also dispels some common myths and misconceptions about each of the Little Athletics events.

The majority of the course is practical, with some theory involved. The atmosphere of the course is fun and non-threatening, making it a day where people can feel relaxed and motivated by what they learn. It is also nice to know that there is no exam and no cost is involved.

Below are some comments received from the previous participants: –

Learnt a lot about how we were teaching the wrong techniques and how to change this problem easily. Learnt what to do to keep kids interested.

A well thought out and planned course and a good starting point for the club.

The format, structure and info were great. Even if you had no previous knowledge or experience you were able to participate. Thanks!

Gave me confidence to help the children with basic instructions.

Was a great mix of practical application and instruction.

What are the course topics?

TRACK – Running, Hurdles, Walks, Relays, Starting, Timekeeping

FIELD THROWS – Shot, Discus, Javelin

FIELD JUMPS – High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump

(It is not a coaching course or an official’s course but one that is a raw starting point for the first time parent or age managers).

Two courses should be run in each zone per season.  Your first point of contact is your centre.  So give them a call and see if they are looking to host a course this year. If they are, ask them to get in touch with your zone coordinator who can advise the available dates. All attendees at the Basic Event Instruction (Getting Started) Course receive a “Getting Started” DVD which was produced by Little Athletics Australia.

For general enquiries or for information on a particular course, please contact Darren Wensor at the LANSW office on 9633 4511 or ​​​