Athletics “the foundation of all sports”

Athletics is the “foundation of all sports” and mostly all of the fundamental movement skills are utilised. The sport of athletics still plays an important role within the school environment with many schools conducting traditional and modified school carnivals. LANSW (Little Athletics NSW) continues to have a strong tradition supporting the school athletics environment.

LANSW is committed to encouraging school-aged children to be active, healthy and confident within themselves. As we say ”…as long as you can run, jump, throw and even walk, you can be involved in athletics.” We aim to ensure school children are provided the opportunity to acquire, develop these skills in a fun and inclusive environment

LANSW is also committed to assisting and supporting teachers through, education programs and our School Athletics Coaching Program, LAPS. We aim to ensure teachers are supported in their personal development and providing best practice activities to ensure their students and the school community all have positive experiences with athletics.

•   Promote an active and healthy lifestyle through athletics
•   Develop fundamental movement skill in athletics and its implementation with other sports
•   Develop event-specific athletic skills in preparation for school carnivals
•   Appreciate the sport of athletics and encourage participation outside the school environment

•   Educate and assist teachers with the Fundamental Skills of athletics
•   Educate and assist teachers with specific athletics events
•   Educate and assist teachers in the delivery of athletics in the school
•   Support and assist schools with school carnivals



LAPS (Little Athletics Programs for Schools)

The LAPS School Athletics Coaching program is an event-specific coaching program designed for primary schools. We offer fun, highly active sessions aimed at developing not only the fundamental skills of athletics but also event-specific techniques that facilitate the confidence to participate.

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NEW!  “Run Jump & Throw Yourself Into It Activity Session” Video Series

A series of 24 short videos aimed to assist age managers, coaches, little athletes, teachers and parents to help teach and learn the basic fundamental skills of a variety of running, jumping and throwing events in track and field.  All activities are “FUN”damental skills based, and can be done on the playground, backyard, front yard and even inside using modified equipment and in some cases having fun making your own equipment. Add some of these ideas to your athletics program.

To view the entire series from the Little Athletics NSW YouTube channel CLICK HERE


“Desire to Inspire” School Visits

“Desire to Inspire” School Visits aims to promote the Little Athletics movement and encourage more children to be active through Little Athletics. LANSW officers, on behalf of the local Little Athletics centre, conduct the visits. It consists of an informative, fast-paced, interactive and energetic presentation to the whole school and/or “Give it a Go” practical sessions.

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Carnival Officials

LANSW can assist with sourcing school carnival officials (dependant on availability).
For more information on officials education and for further details on upcoming courses and seminars, CLICK HERE
or contact Darren Wensor – Head of Coach & Volunteer Development – Ph. 02 9633 4511 (Ext 108)


Teacher Education Workshops

Little Athletics NSW can customise a workshop to suit your staff’s needs, whether that be in regard to officiating or coaching. For more information, please contact Darren Wensor – Coach & Volunteer Education. Ph. 02 9633 4511 (Ext 108) or email


Little Athletics NSW Rules of Competition

The Little Athletics NSW Rules of Competition, plus links to the Little Athletics Australia Standard Rules and the IAAF Rules & Regulations.
*Please note that some Little Athletics rules and requirements may/will differ slightly to schools. It is the responsibility of teachers to be aware of these differences.


Little Athletics Officiating Video Resources

Here are some videos introducing Little Athletics basic officiating techniques used in each event. To be used as a guide only for schools.
*Please note that some Little Athletics rules, requirements and techniques may/will differ slightly to schools. It is the responsibility of teachers to be aware of these differences.


For other school-related inquiries or assistance, please contact:
Alvin Umadhay – Schools and Community
Ph 02 9633 4511 (Ext 114) or email