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Volunteering for Little Athletics NSW

Little Athletics NSW Declaration Regarding Volunteers

Volunteer involvement is a critical part of our sport. There are important benefits to both Little Athletics NSW and to volunteers when volunteers become involved in our organisation.

The Organisation

Volunteer involvement can contribute to, and extend the capacity of, Little Athletics NSW to meet its aims and goals. Volunteers can provide the time, skills, expertise, and points of view that enable our organisation to pursue programs and activities that benefit the community.

The Volunteer

For individuals, volunteering provides an opportunity to be involved in activities reflecting their interests and using their skills. Meaningful activity in turn promotes a sense of belonging and general wellbeing. Volunteering can also be a way to develop skills, potential pathways to employment, or a way to contribute existing skills for the common good.

The Partnership

Volunteer involvement is a two-way relationship, providing an opportunity for Little Athletics NSW to achieve our goals by involving volunteers in our activities, and for volunteers to make meaningful use of their time and skills, contributing to social and community outcomes.

Acknowledgement: The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (2015)

How to Get Involved

Our organisation presents many opportunities for you to connect with others, learn new skills, and help us to deliver a service that benefits thousands of people of all ages across NSW. There are a variety of roles available to you depending on your interests, skills and availability, and the level at which you would like to get involved.

For further information, to submit an expression of interest, or to discuss a particular role or pathway that may interest you, please contact Daniel Warren, Little Athletics Volunteer Manager & Business Analyst, Ph. 02 9633 4511 (Ext 105) or email

If your interest potentially lies in officiating at events, a great starting point is to complete an entry-level official course, all of which are free and online. For more information CLICK HERE.

Current Volunteering Opportunities